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Effective immediately the following protocols are in place:

Business Travel – We are temporarily suspending all non-essential business travel until further notice. If travel is not necessary in order to fulfill an immediate or near-term business obligation, we do not consider the travel to be essential. If you have any questions about canceling planned travel, or whether to schedule travel, speak with your supervisor.

Personal Travel - Employees must report to their supervisor all personal travel to and from what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control refers to as “Level 3 countries.” Please check the most current list as it is frequently updated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC website is linked below. This includes your return from any Level 3 country within the past 14 days and all planned future travel. If you or a household member returns from a Level 3 country, you will not be permitted to return to work for at least 14 days, and only after presenting a negative test for COVID-19.

Keeping the Workplace Safe - The protocol for protecting yourself and others in the workplace against COVID-19 is outlined by the (CDC) guidelines. The full and most current CDC guidelines can be found at the CDC website In summary, these are simple everyday practices that can be used both at home and in the workplace to protect against bacteria and viruses:

• Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.
• Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of your elbow; and
• Avoid touching your face.

In addition, clean personal workspace items that are frequently touched, such as your desk, computer mouse, and keyboard, with disinfectant spray or sanitizer wipes.

Illness and Sick Leave - If you feel any signs of illness, or have a fever or cough, notify your direct supervisor and stay home until you receive medical care or recover. This is no different than staying home for any illness, so please follow the company policy.

The COVID-19 situation is changing frequently. If there are any additional enhanced protocols recommended by authorities to reduce risk of illness, we will communicate them and adjust our policies as necessary.

Please be vigilant and follow the CDC guidelines to protect yourself and those around you.