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Traffic Control Log Books - 2017 Update

In 2016 ACNM was approached by members of NMDOT with suggested updates to the Traffic Control Log Books. The suggestions for improvement were based on common issues encountered from completed traffic control diaries, and were given in the interest of addressing language that could reduce errors in filling out the document.

ACNM took the next step by forming a panel with representatives from NMDOT, ACNM staff, barricade companies, and ACNM contractor members. Revisions to the original suggestions were made by the panel, and a proposed draft was given to the ACNM Executive Director, the Traffic Control Master Instructor, and the Acting State Construction Engineer. After incorporating their input, a final draft was created, and sent to the printer for estimates.

The result is a streamlined document that contains the same information from the old traffic control diary, but with clearly defined boundaries and improved grouping of subject areas. While the look is dramatically different, all the parts of the original are still there, and the use of order and grouping organize the document into a logical format. (Please see the attached JPG versions of the revised Traffic Control Diary for reference).

The revised Traffic Control Log Books will be available beginning July 1, 2017, set to coincide with the start of the state fiscal year. Printing costs have increased slightly, so the new book will reflect this price increase by going from $25.00/book to $30.00/book. (This is the first jump in over 5 years, and is reflective only of the additional cost to produce the new books).

The old Traffic Control Log Books currently in circulation will still be valid, and shall remain in use until they have been phased out of circulation. If you still have any of the books in the old format, please continue to use them until they are gone.

ACNM will be posting a presentation on our website to address questions about any of the 7 sections on the new form.

Click here for Traffic Control Log Book-DRAFT PDF