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The Membership Committee promotes the association, its members, and the construction industry through, mentoring programs, community involvement, and association events. The committee's primary responsibilities include the recruitment of new members, the retention of current members, increasing member involvement with the association, and encouraging networking and business relationships between members.

Associate Member Advisory Council (AMAC)+

The AMAC is representative of the associate members of ACNM who are the supplier/service providers in the association. Their goals are centered on a member to member relationships and finding ways to market themselves to other companies in the association. These committee members often host lunch and learn.


The Safety Committee is responsible for encouraging, fostering, and developing a knowledgeable outlook on the importance of safety to reduce injury, accidental death, and financial loss. Bi-monthly meetings provide opportunities for safety professionals and industry representatives to network, discuss lessons learned from real-life experiences and receive updates from OSHA and MSHA representatives. Guest speakers provide a variety of safety topics regarding industry issues and current safety news.

Construction Leadership Council (CLC)

This CLC is open to young professionals to exchange ideas, best practices and heighten leadership skills. The CLC's goals are to make an impact on the community, improve industry skills, create long-lasting relationships and become the driving force in the development of tomorrow's future leaders.

Joint Specification Committees

These committees vary based on the NMDOT Specifications. Including Section 200 (Earthwork), Sections 300/400/900 (Base & Pave), Section 500 (Structures), Section 600/700 (Misc. Const/Traffic Control Devices) and Section 800 (Const. Staking/Post Const. Plans). NMDOT works with these committees to review and write specifications.

Heavy Highway Construction Safety Partnership (HHCSP)

The HHCSP is a partnership with NMOSHA to encourage, acknowledge and assist NM's Heavy, Highway & Utility construction industry in their efforts to ensure a safe and healthful workplace for employees engaged in the construction of our statewide infrastructure.

PAC Legislative

The PAC Committee is responsible for developing support within the New Mexico construction industry for the political actions, initiatives, and programs of the chapter and the National AGC, while proactively representing the chapter and the industry before state and local government bodies.

Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Committee works together and discusses the emerging and existing workforce with the goal of generating ideas and input regarding the next generation of construction workers in the State of New Mexico.

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ACNM Committees are free to all members. If you are interested in joining, or have questions, contact us for more information!