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What Our Members Are Saying


Patrick Shaw
AUI, Inc.

"ACNM is a great resource for not only training but building relationships with industry professionals who share similar challenges. ACNM also provides an avenue to meet with members of local, state and federal government that might otherwise be unreachable."


Diana Bradley-Reed
Holly Frontier Refining & Marketing

"ACNM is more than just an organization, it is a family. Members who can be competitors in one sense come together in support of the industry to provide better opportunities for all."


Frank Sanchez
San Bar Construction Corp.

"As a subcontractor, there is always a fear that your company will get lost in the mix between the large prime contractors and governmental agencies. ACNM as a organization, has demonstrated to us that we can be heard, and proven that we have a voice in the industry. To us, that is a very valuable asset to have. ACNM has always been very welcoming and we are proud to consider them part of our San Bar Family."